Why Small Funerals Are Wonderful

Posted on January 2, 2023 by Williams Funeral Home under Funeral Home
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Many people think large services at funeral homes in Summertown, TN with tons of guests are the best ways to honor and remember a lost loved one. But these days, many more are seriously considering having a much smaller, more intimate funeral or memorial.

The last few years have made people really think about what’s most important. And, for many, having a big service for a lost loved one just isn’t a priority anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with that. While it might not be exactly what you pictured, a small service can actually be incredibly beautiful and special. In fact, there are tons of reasons why small memorials are great, like:

  1. Small Services Have the Most Important People – While you love your Great Aunt Muriel from Australia, she’s not really a big part of your life. So, does it really matter if she’s not at the memorial or funeral for your lost loved one? Having a smaller service means your time, money and attention are only going to the most important people in your life, whether that means immediate family or close friends. Plus, you won’t have to worry about meeting some guests for the first time – like your cousin’s random plus one or your boss’ wife who you’ve never met.
  2. Small Services are Cheaper – A smaller memorial or funeral means less guests, and less guests means a lot less money. Think about all the savings on food and alcohol, not to mention how much money you could save on getting a smaller venue. These are some of the biggest costs when it comes to a service, so it would free up a lot of money in your budget for other things, like more flowers, or simply put more money back in your pocket.
  3. Small Services are Less Work – If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed about the work that comes with planning a big service, a small one might be for you. With less people and fewer moving pieces, smaller memorials or funerals are a lot less work and take a lot less time to plan. This means you can spend more time remembering your lost loved one and processing your grief.
  4. funeral homes in Summertown, TNSmall Services Mean Time for Everyone – When you have a big memorial or funeral with lots of guests it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to speak with or hang out with everyone. While it’s OK for the bereaved greet guests only briefly in a large service, wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to really connect with everyone? What’s more, the less people you have to greet the more time you and your family can spend remembering and honoring your lost loved one. You won’t believe how often the bereaved don’t get to sit and eat the meal they planned because they’re too busy greeting guests. Also, another bonus, no awkward small talk!

Even if a small service is not what you had originally planned, it is possible for you to still have a meaningful and memorable day. Do you want more tips on planning a service at a Summertown, TN funeral home? Call or visit us today.

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