What Is Final Disposition?

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What is final disposition, and what does it have to do with funeral homes in Hampshire, TN? Final disposition is a legal term referring to what happens to a body after death. The most common disposition methods are burial, cremation, and interment, but there are many other ways of “disposing” of remains after death, such as:

  • Ground Burial at a Cemetery – Ground burial at a cemetery is the most traditional disposition method in the United States. In this method, the body is kept intact, generally embalmed, placed in a casket, and then buried in a cemetery. While there are many options available for cemetery burial, cemeteries are becoming crowded.
  • Above Ground Burial in a Mausoleum – Above ground burial in a mausoleum is when the body is entombed above the ground in some kind of crypt or sarcophagus. These above-ground burial types are rarer than most other final disposition options, due to limited space and far greater cost.
  • Lawn Crypt Entombment – A lawn crypt is a vault that is partially underground and holds one or more caskets, usually a family or husband and wife pair. They generally have a few steps down to enter and can often be completely covered with grass.
  • Natural Burial – A natural burial is similar to ground burial except that the body is not embalmed or placed in a traditional casket. Instead, the body is placed in the earth with a few simple wrappings to ease natural biodegradation. The whole point of natural burial is to return the body to the earth in a simple, clean way.
  • Cremation With Ash Burial – In a cremation with ash burial, the body is cremated and the cremated remains, or ashes, are placed in a cremation urn. The cremation urn is then buried in a cemetery plot inside a cremation urn vault to protect the cemetery grounds.
  • Cremation With Inurnment – You can place cremated remains inside cremation urns and then house the urn inside a, above-ground permanent resting place called a columbarium. The columbarium houses urns in niches that are either in a freestanding structure on the cemetery grounds or an outdoor wall with niches that you can visit anytime.
  • Cremation With Scattering – If you don’t want to bury or house cremated remains, you can also scatter them. The most traditional scattering method is scattering the ashes in a body of water such as a river, lake, or ocean. You can also scatter the ashes in a location special to you or the deceased, such as a favorite park or landmark.

funeral homes in Hampshire, TN

  • Cremation And Keeping the Ashes at Home – As the name suggests, this final disposition method is quite simple: housing the cremated remains in an urn in your home, whether on display or somewhere private.
  • Alternative Methods – There are many nontraditional final disposition methods available, from water cremation and body donation to body preservation and more.

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