Living Memorials for After Cremation Services

Posted on November 14, 2022 by Williams Funeral Home under cremation
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A living memorial might be one of the best ways to honor a lost loved one after their cremation service in Lawrenceburg, TN by celebrating their life. Living memorials are just what they sound life: a memorial that is also a living thing, like a tree or a plant.

Living memorials are all about shifting the focus away from death and loss and onto celebrating a life well lived and how the memory of that life will go in in the lives of friends and family. Here are some types of living memorials to help inspire your celebration of your loved one’s life. These are just a few living memorials you can create for your lost loved one. You can also get creative and make your own living memorial to honor your loved one in a unique way that’s just as unique as they were:

  1. Keepsake Seeds – If you’re hosting a memorial or a funeral for your lost loved one, you can send attendees home with keepsake seed packets and instructions to plant the seeds in memory of the deceased. This way, your loved one’s memory will live on in many plants spread out with those that loved him or her most. You can give seeds of your loved one’s favorite flower or choose a simple plant that’s easy to care for.
  2. Memorial Trees – Planting a tree in honor of a lost loved one is a wonderful way to celebrate their life and give back the community and the planet. If your loved one is buried far away or if you scattered their remains, a memorial tree is also a great place for you to visit, grieve, and remember. When choosing the type of tree and the location, be sure to do research into local weather and regulations regarding planting. There are also lots of organizations that will plant a memorial tree for you. Many will also send you a certificate showing where the tree was planted.
  3. Memorial Trees from Cremains – If you choose to cremate your lost loved one, you can plant a memorial tree from their ashes. This incorporates their cremains into the tree growing process so, in a way, your loved one will live on in the tree. You can purchase a memorial tree planting kit that has all the tools and instructions you need to plant a tree from your loved one’s ashes.
  4. Bird Feeder Memorial – While bird feeders themselves aren’t living, they do bring around lots of lovely, living birds to honor your lost loved one. A beautiful bird feeder feeds and nourishes local birds with a food source and brings you a sense of joy and comfort every time you look out your window and remember your lost loved one. cremation service in Lawrenceburg, TN
  5. Living Wreath – Living wreaths are just like standard wreaths except that they are made from living plants and will therefore last longer than dried wreaths. Wreaths like these can be displayed by hanging or in a saucer or plate on a table or counter for a long-lasting living memorial wreath.

We are here to help if you want to learn more about living memorials or Lawrenceburg, TN cremation services. Call or visit us at your convenience for more information.

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