How to Involve Kids in a Memorial

Posted on September 26, 2022 by Williams Funeral Home under cremation
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Planning a memorial after a cremation service in Lawrenceburg, TN takes a lot of time and energy. When combined with the time and attention it takes to grieve the loss, your kids might end up feeling left out of forgotten in all the hubbub of planning. What can you do?

You need to make sure the service is memorable, respectful, and meaningful, but you should also make sure your kids feel included as they knew and loved the deceased, too. Your kids deserve to participate as it will not only make them feel included, but it will also help them express their own grief in constructive ways. These tips can help:

Step 1: Assign Responsibilities

Assign Responsibilities


One sure-fire way to keep everyone happy and feeling involved is to actually involve everyone. Handing out responsibilities to your kids is sure to keep them happy and help them feel like they’re part of the experience. Plus, there’s lots to do when planning and executing a service, so the extra help will be appreciated. Get them to help with researching good quotes for speeches, helping guests make travel arrangements, or drawing pictures for decorations. Your other kids will feel excited and engaged if you give them a personal assignment to help make their lost loved one’s service the best it can be.

Step 2: Make Them Part of the Service 

Make Them Part of the Service 


While younger children might not be able to be part of a memorial or funeral, older kids certainly can. In fact, many older kids would be honored be part of remembering and celebrating their lost loved ones. You can make kids part of the service by having them do a reading, make a short speech, lead a prayer, or even just stand up at the front with the rest of the family.

Step 3: Add Activities for Them

Add Activities for Them

If your other children are younger, they might feel left out of the service and the planning because such events usually don’t have activities for younger kids. To make them feel included, add a few kid-friendly games or activities to the service schedule to make sure they are part of the event. Set up a children’s table with coloring books or crafts or hire a babysitter to help keep them entertained during the long day. Even having a side room where they can go if the service gets overwhelming will be helpful.

Step 4: Give One-On-One Attention

Give One-On-One Attention


It won’t hurt to put in a little extra effort with your little ones while planning a memorial or funeral. You don’t want anyone to feel neglected. Try putting aside some one-on-one time for your younger children while planning. You can take them with you while running errands and stop for lunch or an ice cream after, or just add a bit of extra play time into your daily schedule.

We’re committed to making sure your lost loved one’s service and Lawrenceburg, TN cremation service goes off without a hitch and is as meaningful and respectful as possible. We offer a range of services and would be happy to do whatever we can to help you during your time of loss. Call or visit us today.

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