DIY Memorial Ornaments

Posted on January 25, 2021 by Williams Funeral Home under cremation
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How can you celebrate the holiday season after losing a loved one and going through their cremation service in Hampshire, TN?

DIY memorial ornaments can be a small way to hold your loved one close even though they’re no longer in this world. Plus, they’re simple, yet powerful additions to your holiday décor that will only add to the meaning of the holiday. Need some DIY memorial ornament inspiration? This list is here to help:

  • Fabric Ornaments – Use your loved one’s favorite tie, shirt or other piece of clothing to make an ornament. Just trace whatever pattern you choose twice onto the material, cut out the shapes, sew or glue them together, and stuff the middle with cotton balls. Don’t forget to add a ribbon or hook to the top so you can hang it on the tree. You can also add embellishments like buttons, glitter, or stitching, or add a short note on the back to explain why the ornament is important for future generations.
  • Jewelry Ornaments – Your lost loved one doesn’t need their jewelry anymore, so why not use it to make an ornament? You can pace earrings, beads and other small jewelry items into clear glass or plastic balls for easy display, or you can turn necklaces and bracelets into sparkling tree trimming.
  • Nature Ornaments – If your loved one loved the outdoors, make a DIY ornament using items from nature. You can glue decorations like ribbons, jingle bells, pompoms, and sequins to pinecones, leaves, or any other outdoor item. This is also a perfect craft to do with kids!
  • Scroll Ornament – Write down your thoughts, memories, feelings and hopes about your loved one into a piece of paper. Then, make a scroll by attaching two rods to each end of the paper and rolling it up. Tie the scroll with a ribbon and hang it from the tree. You can continue to add messages and thoughts as the years go by.
  • Photo Frame Ornaments – Most craft stores sell small wooden or plastic picture frame ornaments. Buy one of these premade frames and decorate it as you please. Then, place a photo of your lost loved one inside the frame and hang it on the tree. If you have multiple loved ones to remember, you can try making a remembrance wreath with photo ornaments for each person strung or glued together.
  • Memory Chains – Cut out strips of paper, like colored construction paper, and write down special messages, memories, or thoughts about your lost loved one. You can even write down jokes, silly stories, qualities you loved about them, or something they taught you. Next, glue the strips together to make a paper chain and hang the chain on your tree.

cremation service in Hampshire, TN

Any of these ornaments would make a lovely addition to your Christmas tree this holiday season. They would also make wonderful gifts to those who are suffering the loss of a loved one. Do you want more DIY memorial ornament tips or want more information on Hampshire, TN cremation services? Williams Funeral Home & Crematory is here to help. Call or visit us today.

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