Common Funeral Home Timeline Questions

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funeral home in Summertown, TN

Many people have lots of “how long” or timeline questions when it comes to death, funerals, and cremation services. Have you ever wondered how long a service at a funeral home in Summertown, TN takes? Or how long after a death does the funeral home pick up the body? Whether you’re preplanning for your own passing or dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, here’s everything you might have wondered about the cremation timeline, from time of death to receiving the remains back:

How long is the time between death and cremation – There are many factors that determine the amount of time between death and cremation. In general, most states have a waiting period before a cremation can occur. If you’re using a national cremation provider, it could take anywhere from 10 to 15 days. If you work with a local facility, it could take between two and three days. The biggest determining factor is how quickly you get a death certificate signed by a doctor, as you can’t get a cremation until you have a signed death certificate.

How long after death does the funeral home pick up the body? The exact time it takes for a funeral home or cremation provider to pick up a body depends on a few factors. For example, you must have a doctor or nurse pronounce the body dead and, after the body is released, provide paperwork. Also, some funeral homes are flexible and will allow you more time to say goodbye if you prefer.

How long does cremation take? The cremation takes around three hours, but the processing of the remains can also take two to three more hours. If the cremation takes place early enough in the day, you can get the cremated remains back the same day. But, generally, you will get cremains back one to three days after the cremation is complete. As each provider’s schedule is different, be sure to talk to your cremation provider for a specific timeline.

How long can a dead body be kept at home? It is illegal to keep a dead body at home in almost every state, though the exact amount of time varies from state to state. Be sure to check your local laws to ensure you’re not breaking them. However, most states will allow you to keep a body a home until the cremation.

funeral home in Summertown, TN

How long is the time between death and a funeral service? The time between death and a funeral service depends on religion, preference, and embalming. Some religions dictate that a funeral must take place as soon as a day or two after the death, but in other cases the bereaved might have to wait a week or longer for family to come in from out of town. If the body is embalmed, the funeral can be up to two weeks after the death.

How long after a funeral is the body cremated? – A cremation can happen immediately after a funeral or up to two weeks later, depending on the funeral home or cremation provider’s availability and if the body is embalmed.

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