Activity Ideas for Out-of-Town Memorial Guests

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Williams Funeral Home under cremation
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These days, memorials after cremation services in Hampshire, TN and other locations are much more than one-day events. In fact, they can easily span an entire week with other events like viewings and wakes. This is especially true if the guests are traveling for the service. But the question is: how will you occupy everyone’s time beyond the funeral itself? After all, you want your friends and family to have a nice time while they travel, even if it’s for a somber event like a memorial.

There are tons of different activities you can set up for your funeral service guests before or after the service itself, such as these ideas:

  1. Go on a Hike – People will want to stretch their legs and get some activity in while they’re traveling or grieving. So, plan a hike! Choose a nearby trail or walking path that’s not too difficult so everyone can participate.
  2. Shopping – Bring guests to a local mall, shopping area, main street, or wherever there are lots of fun and unique stores and boutiques. Who doesn’t like a little shopping? This is a good idea because everyone will get some time to explore on their own plus pick up a souvenir or any last-minute items they might need for the service.
  3. Picnic in the Park – Most towns have lovely local parks full of sunshine, green grass, and shady trees that just scream picnic. Have your guests pack their own lunches and then tell everyone to meet at a certain area of a local park for a picnic, some relaxing, and even a few lawn games.
  4. Check out an Amusement Park – If there’s an amusement park in your area, be it a Universal Studios or a Six Flags, your guests will be in for a nice break from grieving and thinking about the loss. Even if everyone doesn’t like rollercoasters, amusement parks generally have other kinds of activities and attractions like shows, carnival games, and even face painting.
  5. Enjoy the Arts – Out-of-town visitors almost always enjoy art and history. Plan a trip to a local art gallery or museum so your guests can enjoy the arts. Try an art museum or science museum, antique shop, or art gallery. Got lots of time? Why not try and take in all three!
  6. Treat Yourself – After busy days of shopping and sightseeing, your guests will probably be hungry. Set up reservations or make recommendations for all the must-eat restaurants and bakeries in the area so everyone can refuel and treat themselves to something delicious.
  7. Take in a Show – Who doesn’t like live theater? If there’s a theater in your area, set up a night where everyone goes and sees a show. Bonus: many theaters offer group discounts, so try and buy all the tickets at once. If there’s no live theater in your area, go see a movie instead.

cremation services in Hampshire, TN

These are just a few ideas for activities you can do with your funeral guests from out of town. Williams Funeral Home & Crematory is here to help if you want more tips on Hampshire, TN cremation services. Call or visit us today.